This form can be filled out online, and printed for your convenience.

Questions about any  of the memberships can be sent to our Membership Chair, Phillip via email.

Please don’t ask for status reports on your application unless 4 weeks have passed.

Combined Membership Form
Additional Range Information

All memberships will expire at midnight December31st of any year.  Renewals are not sent out, it is up to members to renew.  The combination to the lock on the gate will be changed for the upcoming new year on the morning of January 1st.  Memberships can be renewed by using the membership forms found online.  Also, membership forms will again be available on the clubhouse door.  When you receive your membership in the mail you will also receive a current list of range rules and a document with the combination to the lock on the gate.  Please add your license plate numbers to your membership form.  Your membership form must also include your birth date and the birth dates of any family member listed.  The MWF insists on having the birth date on all memberships.  Not supplying a birth date means your membership form will not be processed, and it will be returned along with your cheque.

Effective immediately:  The mail slot on the clubhouse door is closed.  Do not leave your membership application at the clubhouse.  From now on all memberships will be processed by mail only.  Membership applicants cannot use the range until they receive their memberships cards and gate combination.

All Members:  Be sure you have your membership cards with you when you come to the range.  At times you will be asked to show your membership.  It is up to you to prove you are a member.  If you do not have your membership cards with you, you will be required to pack up and leave the facility.

The pro-rated membership option has been removed.  Only full annual memberships are available.

Quoted from the Selkirk Game & Fish Association Constitution:

1. Any person(s) desiring to assist in the achievement of the objectives herein may become a member upon payment of the prescribed membership fee. Only members in good standing (member of the association for a minimum of three (3) months), shall be eligible for office or have the right to vote at any meeting of the Association. All membership dues paid will constitute a bona-fide membership as outlined by the membership rules.

2. The membership fee shall be decided by the elected Executive for any new year.

3. Junior Members – any youth between the ages of 12 – 17 inclusive shall be entitled to a membership at the prescribed rate.