The Selkirk Game & Fish Association is in the planning stages of doing a total reconstruction of the 200yd range firing line and overhead canopy.  The construction will only affect the 200yd range portion of our facility.  Range #2 – the Overflow/Handgun range located adjacent and to the East of the 200yd range will still be open.  Trap shooting will still be active during the periods of the scheduled Trap Leagues.  THE TENTATIVE CLOSURE PERIOD WILL BE 2 – 3 WEEKS IN May 2018.  THE MEMBERSHIP WILL BE KEPT INFORMED BY:  WEBSITE MESSAGES, EMAILS AND POSTERS SET UP AT THE RANGE. 


This August the Selkirk Game & Fish Association will be hosting the 2018 Canadian IPSC Shooting Championship.  THE ENTIRE SELKIRK SHOOTING FACILITY WILL BE CLOSED TO OUR MEMBERS DURING THE PERIOD NOTED BELOW.

August 7 to 12  –  Tournament Setup

August 13 to 18  –  IPSC Nationals Match

August 19 to 20  –  Tournament Takedown

During the Tournament Match, all Selkirk members and the shooting public are welcome to come out and watch.  For those interested, there will also be numerous vendors during the match dates selling shooting related equipment, ammunition etc.

For anyone wishing to volunteer their time helping out with the –  Setup of the Match or the Working of the Match and with the Takedown of the Match, please feel free to contact:  nationals@ipscmanitoba.com