Manitoba Junior Rifle Provincials
May 30, 2015 Carberry, MB
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May 30th the Selkirk Junior Rifle Team attended the 61st Provincials in Carberry with 15 competitors. There were a total of 150 competitors representing 9 clubs from throughout Manitoba with 455 attending the day’s event. This year was a very successful year at the Provincials with competitors bringing home 7 trophies. Top Postal Novice Ind. (299 16x), Top Postal Novice team (1441 49x), Top Postal Marksman Ind. (300 27x). Postal targets are shot at the home range aiming for 300 30x after which they are mailed back to the parent organization for scoring and awards are presented at the Provincials. We also received trophies for Top Ind. Beginner (398 10x), Top Ind. Champ (400 19x), Intermediate Ind. 3rd place (393 23x), Novice team 1st place (1963 38x) and Marksman Team 2nd place (1979 53x). We also had a member shoot a perfect score of 100 10x for which he received an award. The Provincials consist of shooting two targets, a written exam and field trials for a possible perfect score of 400 20x. The goal for the day is to win the John Labatt Trophy for Team Champions – best score out of 2000 100x this year won by Brandon with a score of 1989 67x.